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Tjung Jie Lie

Tjung Jie Lie was born in Jakarta, Indonesia at January, 9, 1951, Lie Tjung Jie completed his medical doctor study from Beijing Chinese Medical College and Chinese Research Institute in 1973. Having obtained permission from Indonesia Department of Health to serve as a Chinese Medical Doctor in 1974, he moved on to become a member of the Hong Kong Acupuncturist Federation and The Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Research Center, Beijing, China in 1978.

Since 1981, he was appointed as a member of board of examiner in Indonesia Chinese Medical Doctor Federation. Currently teaching in several Chinese Medical Schools in Jakarta, Indonesia. He has published several books about traditional Chinese medication. In 1987, he added traditional Tibetan medicine to his already-impressive range of medicinal knowledge. His interest ranges from investigating Indonesian natural herbs, spices, minerals, fossil, rocks and coral, gemstones using laser spectroscopy technique. Besides serving as a private medical and psychological consultant in several group of companies, he has since been nominated as an advisor in Bogor Brighten Institute. He is also one of the founder of Swiss German University (SGU) which located in Serpong, Indonesia.