Research Center

Optical Detection System

  1. Monochromator (Spex, Czerny Turner configuration, focal length of 750 mm, 1,200 grooves/mm grating blazed at 500 nm, resolution of 0.1 A) equipped with MSD and datascan controller for computer spectral acquisition.

  2. Optical Multichannel Analyzer (Princeton Instruments) containing 1,024 gated intensified photo-diode array combined with spectrograph with focal length of 150 mm (Acton Research). Winspec software for computer acquisition and controlling.

  3. CCD array with 2,048 pixel and spectrograph of 70 mm focal length (Ocean Optics) including computer software for fluorescence spectroscopy.

  4. McPherson model 2061 with 1,000 mm focal length f/8.6 Czerny-Turner high resolution high through-put spectrometer and scanning monochromator with Andor I*Star intensified CCD 1024x256 pixels, 26-mm square (960 x 256 active pixels) fiber coupled to high resolution 25-mm Grade 1 Gen 2 intensifier with build in digital delay generator. Fast gate of < 7 ns to DC. Sealed housing with TE cooling to -10 degrees C in air.

  5. Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) ELITE System, fully integrated laser-induced breakdown spectrometer platform including Ocean Optics 7 channel High Resolution LIBS Spectrometer, New Wave UP Ablation Chamber with 200 mJ Nd-YAG laser (1,064 nm) and full color digital monitoring system